Duquesne Light installing a new pole in the front yard of our current house

After waiting for over 2 months after FULL payment, our electric service is finally starting to be put in. Since our neighbor wouldn’t agree to let us come off the pole right across the road, we had do sign a new Right-of -way agreement and now we have 2 more poles in our yards. Not the best placement, but better than nothing! We have another pole on the other side of our new driveway for any electric we want at the bottom of the driveway, like lights or a gate mechanism. Most of the lines will be underground.

other electric pole and our new driveway

Our plumber is also here today to put in the waste lines for the basement before we pour part of the concrete floor. Then inspection has to be scheduled for Monday.

And not to be left out, we also got a gravel delivery in the middle of all of this activity.

I won’t keep y’all in too much suspense about what the house will look like… here is the original plan we started with: The Wedge from MossCreek.

© 2016 MossCreek


In one of my next posts, I’ll let you know a little more about it and the process we went through to get the exact layout we wanted.


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