Getting there!

It’s been a little while since I last posted, but we’re getting somewhere now. I didn’t have time to update because we have been very busy finishing up our end of the work before our building crew came in with the actual top two stories of our house. I was also in Atlanta for 5 days with the twins for their National Academic Games competition.

Having fun at the World of Coca-Cola

Let me show you the progress:

First inspection passes – plumbing under slab
Getting the trusses in
Pouring the concrete for the basement
Progress on the walkout
The elevator shaft…er, stairwell
Looking out of the basement
Getting closer to completion
Final touches and the crew starts!


We have a few smaller jobs to finish up for the crew, like build a support wall and install some support piers for out screened in porch off the side (near where the dirt bike is in the photo above), but we are getting there. If the weather would just cooperate and keep warm and dry we’d be great. That will be tonight’s job.

Next up for us is that tomorrow the Andersen rep is coming to check out all 40+ of our windows that we had issues with on delivery. We ordered them from Home Depot and they were unfortunately delivered by people that had no business delivering them, so they all need checked before installation for damage! Ugh. And there are some huge windows, some 10’+ tall! Hopefully it will all turn out well. It is just disheartening because we took our time with the order to make sure that they were exactly right before placing the order and now this happens.


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