Work Continues

SIP panels going up for kitchen and dining room

The crew got some of the panels set yesterday and it is beginning to take shape. All of the exterior walls are constructed of SIP panels so it should go pretty fast. Our construction is known as a “Hybrid home” made out of SIPs, trusses, large wooden beam trusses (in the great room) and conventional interior construction. We went this route because of cost and energy efficiency. We didn’t want a total log home so we will have log veneer in the great room, weathered wood in the stairwell tower and a mix of drywall/wood in the rest of the house. Our home provider is Hearthstone Inc. out of Tennessee. We’ve been working with them for years on trying to get just what we want.

corner of the side/front of the house


Front of the house: mudroom, pantry/laundry
The crane that lifts the panels in place
Checking out the windows

The Reps came today from Andersen and Home Depot to check the windows for any damage that happened during shipment. So far there was only one window that had a little damage that can be fixed, but nothing major like a broken window. They stand behind their product and if we find any issues down the road, they will fix them. So hopefully that will put that out of the panic mode for now. We had to rent a 40′ trailer to store all the windows in until installation! We thought there’d be room for other items as well, but that really isn’t the case. We have a garage full of doors, appliances, cabinets and furniture down at our current house and our basement is FULL of all the lighting, plumbing fixtures, rugs, and other treasures I have found in the past two years we’ve been waiting to build! At least that gave me lots of time to find bargains — I’ll share my secrets on that in a future post.

For now, the weather is holding. Hopefully we won’t get too much rain over the next week while they are putting the house together. We just got another truck in this morning with more panels and more supplies are set to come in soon.

Thanks for checking in!


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