Progress 05/31/2016

Front view of the house
Side view of the house
Inside view of second floor
Side view at back
Back view

As you can see, things have really been moving along! In the past week and a half they got the 2nd floor up and many of the roof rafters. This week I think most of the roof will be up and covered. The great room (shown in the photo above) will be more time consuming I think because it is all heavy timber rafters.

Over the Memorial Day weekend Mark, Carrick and I worked on finishing up the skirting around the first floor trusses, removing the forms from the last concrete pour, screeding and removing extra gravel from the basement to get more area ready for the next pour and just generally cleaning up the work site (which the crew keeps pretty clean). We also took time to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom (Cade & Cole marched in the Freedom and Conway Memorial Day Parades).

Waiting in Conway to start the parade.

Our next steps are the get the footing poured for the porch supports, estimate the huge amount of stone we need to order, and get the house under roof so windows can be installed. All of my doors came in and it took me a while to finally decide on stain color. I also have all my appliances. The last purchase was the hood and blower for the stove that I bought on eBay. I will be glad to get all of these things installed that we have been storing for over a year!


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