Progress 8/25/2016

I see that somehow it has been a month since I lasted posted any progress. Time flies…

Anyhow, we had a lull in progress for a while but now things are picking back up again. The original building crew is gone and now we are back to building by ourselves. Almost all the windows are in, the front porch is taking shape, the roof is going on and other mechanicals will be installed next week. We also finally got power and cable to the house! Next up will be putting in the doors, working on the decking and making about a thousand decisions on lighting placement and interior finishes. I also need to get the siding ordered!

Front of the house with the porch and roofers working
The kitchen looking into the Pantry/Laundry
Windows all installed in the back of the Great Room!
Master Bedroom
View from the Great Room into the Dining Room and Kitchen
The Tower/Foyer area
Tower area on the second floor
Back view of the house
Closeup of the hewn log veneer that will go in the Great Room

From the photos, the house looks so huge. In reality it is big, but not too big to feel like a cavern. Most of the rooms are just the right size. We are excited to get things moving again and the weather has been cooperative for the most part.



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