Progress 2/23/2016

Beautiful sunset from the hill. The weather this winter hasn’t been that bad. The only problem has been with the freeze/thaw cycle and making the whole work site a sticky mudhole. The past week has dried it out though, thank goodness!
We moved on the the tower ceiling after the drywall on the 1st floor. We built a platform up in the tower to be able to reach the ceiling without being on ladders. Made life a whole lot easier! The plan is to put reclaimed barnwood on the walls in the tower after the drywall is done elsewhere.
The completed Master Bath waiting for the next phase of drywall mud and tiling.
After the tower and bath, we moved on the ceiling in the Mast Bedroom. This was a little easier because we had more straight shots and not as many angles.
Each piece was cut to fit in the cavity between the beams, so that it could slide in. Some cuts had to be made for lags that hold the heavy timbers up and lights and vents.
And here is the completed ceiling!
Next we moved up to the second floor and the boys’ bedrooms. This took about a week of nights and weekend to complete. It went pretty quick once we got the hang of it. The only hang ups here were the cuts for wiring, lags and pipes.
Now we’ve moved on the dry walling the 2nd floor. It can be tricky trying to get the long sheets of drywall up the stairs!
Cole’s bedroom
Cade’s bedroom.

For now, we’ll be finishing up the drywall on the second floor. That will take a little more figuring because Mark has to build little walls at the top of the big walls so that they touch the ceiling and we can attach the drywall.

Since the weather has been so nice, we even started working on the outside —installing some of the soffit and siding.

Most of the electrical work is done. We even have some switches and outlets so that we don’t have to run so many extension cords!

I will most likely start the tiling soon. I’ve ordered a lot of the tile and there is a lot to do!


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