Progress – 5/4/2017

Long time, no progress report! I am sorry, but it seems like time passes by so fast and at the time it doesn’t seem like a lot gets done until I go back and look at the photos. We will be SO glad when we can finally move in! And no, we have no idea when that will be! We just have to keep plugging along and eventually we’ll get there. We’ve been at this for over a year and it will be nice when we can finally enjoy all the hard work we’ve put in.

Photo of our house during the last snow from the neighbors (thanks Jen).
Early Spring photo at the top of the driveway.
Completed the last of the pine ceiling in the loft area. We made a temporary platform so that it was easier to work on it.
Cole’s completed shower surround before grouting. Love the glass mosaic he picked for the accent tile.
Close up of the tile after 1 side grouted. Sorry for the rough photos, but most of these were taken in the evening after I finished for the day.
Carrick’s shower. He chose 4 x 16 subway tiles and a dark border of slate and glass mosaic tiles. We’ll have to build out the side wall a bit to made it smaller so the glass doors will fit.
The laundry/pantry off of the kitchen and mudroom. The drywall has been completed and painted here! Now the cabinets are being installed.
Side view of the pantry. These cabinets aren’t as wide (only 15″) so that I will still have storage, and still be able to open the washer on the opposite side.
The kitchen is almost ready for final painting. The primer coat is on and there are just a few touch up spots to fix. I highly recommend this Kilz PVA primer.
The other side of the kitchen. After painting, we’ll install the cabinets (Sektion from IKEA). The grey cement board section will be where the stove is located. There will also be a center island.
The dining room and great room. I have also primed this area, but didn’t take a photo yet. This was just before I started. This room is almost completed too.
Some of the color choices I had a hard time deciding over. I went with Pergo flooring because we needed so much and I really liked it! Originally I chose the 2nd from the left, but when I tried to place the order it had been discontinued. Lucky for me, Lowe’s had some new options that I liked even better.
Here’s what we went with: 8″ wide Pergo London Oak.
Pantry cabinets almost done. Just need the final topcoat for protection.
I’ve narrowed down my cabinet pull choices to these at Home Depot.

So the next month will be busy. Hopefully our siding and gutters/facia will all be installed, and the septic will too. On the inside, we’ll be finishing up drywall, painting, installing the floor, tiling and then moving on to the fun stuff: all the finishing touches, like fixtures and lighting! Wish us luck, just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap!



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